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After my son decided to upgrade his credentials, it was very hard for me to find a reliable and experienced tutor who could help my son in Bio-30 during the day time and could come to my home (I live out of the city). I have contacted multiple service providers. Few of them gave tutors but my search was on until I contacted Tutors Company. As promised by the company, the tutor is experienced and expert in its' subjects. She tutored my son and his score went up (from 65% to 92%) after having few sessions. He is very excited and happy. He is very fast and will be finishing the subject before the normal due dates. The tutor is very fast and professional. I would highly recommend Tutors Company to all my friends and relatives. They are experienced and professionals. I wish I had contacted Tutors Company earlier. I am glad that I have got the best tutor for my son's need which was provided by Tutors Company.
Thank you – Mathew M.

My daughter (grade 9) and my son (grade 7) was tutored by *any name* Tutoring Centre. It was a big hassle for me to drive them to and fro. And their results were not going high even after I talked to the centre. Then I decided to get an in-home tutor for them. My children are smart. I found a tutor from Kijiji which didn't come after 2 sessions. Then my colleague recommended Tutors Company as she was already having tutor for her 2 daughters. I have got the tutor for my children and I am very happy after seeing their progress. And it is under my budget. I was paying way too much to the centre. Tutors Company is much affordable. My kids like the tutor as he is very friendly and the way he tutor, my kids gets so excited and engage with him and with subjects. In-short I am happy that I listened to my colleague and got the best tutor ever for my kids. I have recommended all my cousins and my kids' friends. I found a company for my long term needs.
Arvind K.

The tutor for my daughter was knowledgeable in his subjects and provided great help. My daughter was preparing for Physics 30 exam. She was very thankful and said that he gave her new understanding for some of the concepts and made previous concepts more clearly to her which she was uncertain with before. He even helped her with her Math 30 in understanding the basic facts and few more problems that she was having. It was satisfying so see my daughter being confident in the subject. I strongly recommend Tutors Company. We would definitely consider using the tutoring services provided by expert tutors of Tutors Company.
Alexandra P.

I felt that my experience with Tutors Company was wonderful. The tutor I got was highly qualified and had great knowledge of curriculum and tutored according to my son's needs. She was extremely accommodating with my busy schedule. I would recommend to all to get your best tutor by Tutors Company. I got what I was looking for and I wish all children would get the best. Thank you.
Chris D.

I am very glad that I contacted Tutors Company for my 2 daughters. I was referred to the company and I got referral discount as well. I got the great tutor who is best fit for my daughters' needs and flexible according to my schedule. Tutors Company's plans are affordable. My priority for in-home tutor was, the tutor should be reliable and trust worthy for my daughters. The company does background check, police record check and verification before tutor got to my home. I am thrilled with the services I got from Tutors Company. Recommended to everyone.
Sarah C.

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